KYWIE coolers becomes more beautiful in time. It’s like your favourite leather jacket. However, if you want to protect your cooler, use a suede spray for the suede coolers. Stains may be treated with sandpaper or gently wiped with a brush. For the coolers with a leather exterior, use a leather spray. Stains may be wiped with a wet cloth. When wet, keep away from sunlight or any direct heat source, to avoid it losing its natural suppleness.

Wool contains millions of tiny air pockets. A cold bottle is surrounded by cold air in air pockets. Even a wet bottle does not compromise insulating ability. Wool is more comfortable, soft and drier than any synthetic fibre. When wool is wet, the air will dry it, without smell.



Please note sheepskin is a natural product and may differ in elasticity and thickness. Tanning and dye baths may also lead to variations in roughness and colour intensity.