KYWIE @ Maison

Our ‘coming out’ at Maison&Objet was a great success! Magnifique! Bellisimo! Were words we heard a lot. This was very gratifying and we thank all visitors. KYWIE is a new way of serving wine and you embraced it. Our 100% natural sheepskin coolers will go to beautiful places all over the world!  

JRE Restaurant Basiliek & KYWIE wooler

Newest restaurant to adopt the KYWIE-way of serving cool wine at your table is Restaurant Basiliek in Harderwijk.  The Michelin-rated restaurant opted for four different colours from the KYWIE collection.The carefully selected coolers go well with their extensive wine list.  In fact, 600 wines are kept at perfect drinking temperature in a beautiful glass wine […]

Not only wine (cooler)

KYWIE is a wine cooler not only for wine.. Cold water is nice too. beach - hiking - boating -  pic-nic - festival - re-usable bottles And when in restaurants, ask for a KYWIE. Your Pellegrino, Panne or Evian will thank you.    

NEW in the FAMILY and we love it!

CELEBRATE the SUMMER With KYWIE. The new Camu-Champagne cooler will go nicely with a sunset, Moet & Chandon, Armand de Brignac, Luc Belaire, Veuve Clicquot or a Dom Perignon and your beachbag.  If you are more into wines or small bottles, check out the other Camouflage models: Winecooler and Keyring.

KYWIE season

SUMMER is KYWIE-season We know it is a man's thing to say you drink more quickly than your beer will have the chance to warm up.. well, we are (not) sorry to say, that is simply not true. The moment the can is in your hands warming starts. Even when you gulp it down! (not [...]

KYWIE meets Catchthebluefish

catchthebluefish biedt food gifts van de leukste makers aan. Of je nu een origineel cadeau zoekt voor een kind, moeder of een zakenrelatie, Catchthebluefish heeft met veel passie een mooie collectie foodgifts samengesteld. Denk daarbij aan Brownies of Granola, gezonde abonnementen. Maar ook drank gerelateerde cadeaus. En natuurlijk KYWIE wijnkoelers! een bezoekje waard.. 

KYWIE collectie vekrijgbaar bij OLDENHOF

Ben je in de buurt van Oldenhof Kookwinkel in Hilversum of Amsersfoort, dan heb je nu de kans de meest uitgebreide collectie KYWIE koelers te aanschouwen, en ....  de mooiste uit te kiezen! Oldenhof staat bekend om z'n uitgebreide collectie kookspullen en goed geïnformeerd personeel. Zij kunnen je precies uitleggen waarom een wollen koeler de [...]

WOMEN’S DAY, Man’s day or Fathersday

WOMEN'S DAY, Man's day or Fathersday We don't care, a KYWIE cooler is fun for everyone! Starting from 25 Euros it's the most original present in a nice festive package. Special wishes? Please send us a email at

KYWIE coolers now available at MaF

KYWIE coolers now available at MaF The nice KYWIE coolers are now also available at MaF, the new eat and shop experience at railway station Haarlem. Don't know it yet? Most definitely a must see! Even if you don't have to travel by train the railway station is worth seeing. MaF is part of Parnassia [...]

KYWIE part of collection X Bank

KYWIE part of collection X Bank With pride we announce that as of this week KYWIE coolers are part of the collection at X Bank, the Design store, part of Hotel W, in the center of Amsterdam. X Bank presents the new Dutch D.N.A — one that is local and global. A clear reflection of the creative [...]

If fury wine glasses are the future, then..

fury wine coolers are far from far fetched. Of course we already knew KYWIE is right on the trend with its sheepskin wine coolers, bottle holders and koozies. Still, scientic involvement from Prof. Spence of Somerville on the subject of multisensory perception is well appreciated.