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KYWIE® is the only 100% natural wine cooler designed to keep all drinks, whether it’s white or red wine, at even temperature.  Made of Dutch and English sheepskin.There simply is no passive cooler more sustainable and effective. The woolen interior holds on to the temperature of

the bottle. For at home or on the go. There are 5 models: champagne, wine and sleeves (for all traditional bottles), demi for 500ml bottles, koozie and key ring (for all 330 ml cans, baby bottles and tea/coffee glasses)


All KYWIE coolers are brilliantly simple. Made to hold on to the temperature of practically all bottles, wine, water and anything else you can think of. The temperature stays even for several hours, also because the bottle stays in the cooler whilst pouring. The shape allows for easy insertion and removal.  KYWIE coolers are an ideal wine-travel-outdoor-accessory. It’s soft and lightweight and protects the bottle from breaking.


Going on a boat trip? To the beach or a festival? Make sure to bring a pre-chilled wine in a KYWIE cooler and you’re set for the day. Wine connoisseurs love the constant temperature. Extra benefit: KYWIE is a protector of your bottle and lightweight too.


As it happens sheep-wool-insulation is the most effective way to insulate the temperature of your drink. On top of that, choosing KYWIE means choosing a product that is far more comfortable, softer and drier than any synthetic fibre can ever offer. KYWIE is a Dutch product, from Design to production. Locally handmade. Source is Texel and English sheepskin. 100% natural, handmade and lasting.

Saskia Nooij - founder KYWIE

Dutch Design

Saskia Nooij is designer and driving force behind KYWIE. In 2013 she introduced the KYWIE-way of keeping bottles at even temperature. Love for cool white wine herself and a desire for sustainable design products resulted in the development of the first KYWIE wine cooler.

Since then Holland and the surrounding countries are quickly tapping into the new way of wine drinking.


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